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The Best Quick and Easy Horse Racing Systems by Bill Peterson

The following systems are quick and easy methods to pick contenders and spot plays. If you're looking for a fun day at the races without a lot of handicapping, these quick methods are the way to go for just $5 each! They're excellent for people who handicap at simulcast facilities or play the horses online and are looking for a variety of methods to apply to different situations without taking a lot of time. Some are only one page long, but all of them produce winners. You will get them instantly as soon as you pay for them using Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account).

These are absolutely the best quick and easy systems and you won't regret buying any or all of them. Guaranteed!

... $5 ES Drop Down Method
Two powerful ingredients, early Speed and Class combine to pick the best spotplay in any racing situation. This simple method spots picks on almost every card.

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... $5 Quick Contender
Want to know which horses in the race are contenders? This is a great form indicator to quickly estimate each horses current form. Amazingly uncomplicated and accurate.

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... $5 The 3 Race Automatic
As the name implies, make a mathematical calculation and the best bet is automatically picked. Works good in most races.

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... $5 Class to Place Method
This method picks high percentage bets that often give the key horse in quinielas or exactas as well as good place bets.

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... $5 Red Flag Method
How do you know when a horse is going to reverse its form and win with a big price? There are clues and this method will point them out to you? Picks some nice longshots.

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... $20 All the Quick Handicapping Systems (best value)
Save $5 and get all the Quick Systems. You'll find many situations where one will work better than the other so why not have all these great systems to work with? Each one is fast and picks many winners. With all 5 Quick systems you'll never miss a good bet.

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