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For less than what the average bettor loses at the track every day, you can be a winner.

What you don't know at the track can really hurt you. Believe it or not you can actually tell if a horse is ready to run and if it is live in the mutuel pools.

If your horse isn't getting inside money it isn't going to win.

The sad truth is that when you bet on a horse race, you are betting against insiders who own horses and train horses and have more inside information than you do. The only place you can find out if they are betting a horse is right in front of you. They can't hide the action on the toteboard.

I'm not talking about the amount of money but rather the way it is dispersed. If all you had to do was bet the horse with the most money bet on it, you'd always have the favorite and it would always win. We know that isn't the answer. The secrets I'll teach you about watching the toteboard are well worth the price of my system.

As soon as your purchase is approved you will be directed to a thank you page where you will find True Handicapping. You may download the method from that page for your own use. It is just a minute away if you buy it now.

The choice is yours, you can join the winners or stay out in the cold and keep losing and never even know how they're taking your money. I'd like you to join us in the winners line.&# Please buy True Handicapping and join us now.

Here's what you get and don't get with this horse racing system.
you get...

An honest and straightforward simple to use system that will require some effort on your part.

you don't get...
A promise that you will get rich off this system. I'm sorry but I can't be sure how well you will use it or what the future holds. I can say this, if you study it and apply it you will pick more winners and bet on horses that are ready to win. You will also stop betting on horses that the trainer and owner aren't even betting on!!

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Looking for a horse racing system that really works?

Tired of losing and not really understading why?

Are you on the information treadmill? Running like a squirrel in a wheel while you try to catch that elusive last bit of knowledge that will finally make sense of it all?

We're drowning in a sea of information and the information gurus would have you believe that if only you could learn just a little more the secrets of the universe would unfold before you. Some people have lost sight of the basics of handicapping (even living) as they try to cram more knowledge into their heads. It's no way to live and no way to handicap.

I will show you how The Pro Handicappers pick winners and make money

Horses races really haven't changed much since horses started running beside each other.

There's a ton of information available to the average handicapper now that wasn't available just a short time ago, but the crowd still only picks the winner about 30% of the time. If handicappers have so much more information why aren't they right more often? Because more useless information isn't what you need to find winners.

What you need is right in front of you! You need to know what is going on inside of the game, not useless percentages and charts.

You need the right information not more information.

The answers are right under your nose, but you can't know them unless an insider tells you or you know what to look for. After 50 years at the track, I know and I will tell you that information. We'll start at the beginning with a complete approach to handicapping that starts at the beginning -- the training of the horse. From training we look at how some trainers find the right race with the horse and won't settle for anything but a race the horse will dominate. Finally, we look at how to tell for sure that the stable is betting the horse and ready to make a score because that is what happens every day at the track.

The Truth Is, "The insiders win most of the money."

If you don't believe that, try this...
The next time you're walking out of the track ask the person to either side of you how they did. For that matter ask ten people how they did.  You and I both know what the answer will be, "lousy." If almost everyone walking out of the track is a loser, where is the money going?
I'll tell you
- THE $$$$ Goes to The INSIDERS!

For just $35
you can learn how the insiders win every day.

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It isn't a highly publicized fact, for obvious reasons, but most of the money that is won at the track is won by people who are connected to the races as owners, trainers, grooms, jockeys, etc. I know because I'm a horse owner as I write this and have been a licensed groom and track employee. The latest news has carried stories of cheating in the stock market because of insider trading. What makes you think the insiders at the track don't use their information to beat you in ways you don't even know about?

I'm not saying all races are fixed, because most of them aren't. Most races are honest. I'm just saying the insiders know when to bet a horse and when to lay off because they have inside information that you'll never find in a program or form. They know the trainer and know when that trainer is ready to go with the horse.

True Handicapping is a simple straightforward method of finding horses that are put into races to win and have already shown that they are ready to win. There aren't a lot of mathematical calculations, no long lists of trainer jockey moves, no pedigree charts and no software.
This method doesn't pick a winner in every race. If you want that kind of action, try our Sharpshooter System but if you're looking for a method that really does tune in to sharp and ready horses that are put into races to win, this is the last information you'll ever need. This guide will teach you how to tell when a horse is in top form, when the trainer is trying to win with the horse and not just condition it, and when the horse is live in a race.

This isn't a text book, but a short easy to use guide. The section on pool percentages that teaches you how to spot live horses in each race is worth many times the price of this guide.

This method is a standalone method that will start picking winners for you right away and will be picking winners years from now when many other more complicated systems have come and gone.

If you're ready to take the advice of a man who has spent the last 50 years at the track as a professional handicapper and horse owner, then use the link below to purchase True Handicapping. You won't be sorry you did.
True Handicapping has it all. It is a complete system for picking winners and betting like an insider and that's the only way you'll ever win! For just $35 you can learn how the insiders win every day.

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That's probably less than you lost at the track in a single day!!


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