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Horseplayer in Paperback ... Horseplayer (Kindle)
Learn to Think Like a Winning Horseplayer

    Many people ask me, "How do you actually handicap? I've used your systems and read your articles, but how do you handicap when you go to the horse races?"

    I decided to write a book that shows you the complete process I use to locate races that are worth playing, evaluate the runners, and find good bets. I started to keep notes that were to be used specifically to write the book and set aside those races that I thought best illustrated the methods I use.

This is an 8 1/2" by 11" Workbook with past performances, charts, and an explanation of each race and how I bet it.

     In each race I evaluate the race and then the runners. I establish a hierarchy and then determine my key horse(s) and what the actual probability is of that horse winning the race. I use statistics as well as experience. This is a window into the mind of a horse player. It's not an exact science and judgment is part of the game.

This book isn't guaranteed to make you rich, but it will teach you how I spend my days finding good bets. The focus is the key horse that can be bet to win as well as used in exactas. Win bets and exactas are the focus of the book, though once you've learned how to find the key horse you may use it in any kind of exotic wager you choose. I also share an exacta betting method because...

There are a lot of very good handicappers out there who are still losing money because how you bet the races makes all the difference. I'll show you a method I use to get the most value from the exactas I play.

    I don't expect you to follow my methods to the letter, but if you can start to think like a winning horseplayer, you'll have a fighting chance at this very difficult game.

    Horse players are always talking about probability and good value bets, but how do you know when a bet is a good value bet? It takes statistics and experience and I'll show you how I use those statistics to rate a horse's chances of winning

If you approach horse racing handicapping and betting as a business you'll have a better chance of succeeding. You must also understand how races are written by the racing secretary for a specific reason. Race tracks are in the entertainment business and you can exploit that if you know how. Think all races are created the same? Think again. Some are easier to handicap and some are more difficult. I'll show you how to find the easier ones and how to bet them for maximum advantage.

My book Horseplayer is available at Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book. I recommend the paperback version because it is easier to work with the charts, but no matter which copy you buy, you will find a wealth of information that will help you to become a successful horseplayer. Order now...

Horseplayer in Paperback

Horseplayer II is now available. Longshot Strategy and Angles


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